About Us

We like to be very involved in the many communities around us. Our singers come from towns in or near the greater Monadnock Region.  We work closely with other performing arts groups in the area and we lend a hand by sharing our equipment with ConVal, the Grand Monadnock Youth Choirs and Monadnock Music.  

We are enthusiastic advocates of the choral music artform.  Many of our members volunteer their time in schools, hospice groups, and human service centers to bring choral music to as many people in the region as possible. We do all we can to help promote the Monadnock Region's unique and diverse arts community, which contributes to this region's economy and to the quality of life in the Monadnock region. 

Our Board of Directors

Cathy Lanigan   President
Karen Loudon   Vice-President
Ellen Neilley   Treasurer
Thomas Noel   Secretary
Sandy Jackson   Director, Membership
Randy Staver   Director, Technology
Christine Kann   Director, Marketing
Charles McEachern   Director

We receive generous support from corporations and organizations in the area. Without them, we would not be successful.

The Monadnock Council of Churches launched the Monadnock Chorus in 1959. The Chorus was originally led by Dr. Joel B. Hayden of The Meeting School in Rindge. Upon Hayden’s retirement fourteen years later, the Reverend Noel Sokoloff, and Jocelyn and James Bolle of Monadnock Music provided leadership to the chorus until 1976. Leadership of the Chorus then passed to David E. Brandes, head of Franklin Pierce College Performing Arts Program and graduate of the New England Conservatory and Boston University. In 1989, Dr. Carroll Lehman of Keene State College, became the music director of the Monadnock Chorus until his retirement in 2009.  The baton was then passed to Jim Sharrock, who served as Artistic Director until 2014.  Krystal Morin served as Interim Director in Spring of 2015.  

Our current Artistic Director is Dr. Matthew Leese, who first served as Interim Director in Fall of 2014. Matthew is a recent addition to our group, and the Chorus is thrilled to have Matthew on board!

The Monadnock Chorus is supported in part by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts & the National Endowment for the Arts.