2019 Fall Semester

Rehearsals are on Wednesdays 7 pm - 9 pm at the UCC Church in Peterborough starting September 4th.

Concert dates are Saturday, December 14th at 4 pm and Sunday, December 15th at 4 pm the Peterborough Town House.

You can register here.

Here is a playlist for practicing.


Here are practice audio files for Al HaNisim:


Member Calendar

View the Calendar Below for rehearsal times and locations, or view a printed schedule here.

General Member Info

Download our Membership Handout

If you are a current chorus member and not receiving weekly emails, please add these 2 email account to the list of approved senders, and then you should start to receive emails: communications@monadnock-chorus.org, monadnock-chorus@gmail.org

Cancellations and Weather

MC will send an email regarding rehearsal cancellations in the event of snow. If schools are closed we will likely follow suit.

Other Helpful Links for Members

  • Here is a link to Cyberbass, which allows you to hear and practice your part for many major works.

  • To help you practice without a piano at home: There are a number of free piano 'keyboards' available as applications for your phone or computer. One of them is called Tiny Piano.

  • Here is a link to wiki site for musical symbols.

  • Here is a link to wiki site for Italian musical terms.

  • Here is a link to Sommerdiction, which allows you to hear and practice lyric German pronunciation.