2019 Spring Semester

Rehearsals for Spring 2019 begin Wednesday, Jan 23rd! Rehearsals are on Wednesdays 7 pm - 9 pm at the UCC Church in Peterborough except for our Open Rehearsal on March 6th at the Dublin School.

Concert dates are May 11th (7:30 pm) and 12th (3 pm) at the Peterborough Town House.

Here is a playlist for practicing.

For concert attire please read the Membership Handout.

2019 Summer Tour

We’re going on tour to the Canadian Maritimes to celebrate our 60th anniversary! Here is a description of the upcoming trip.

Helpful Links for Members

1. Here is a link to Cyberbass, which allows you to hear and practice your part for many major works:

2. To help you practice without a piano at home: There are a number of free piano 'keyboards' available as applications for your phone or computer. One of them is called Tiny Piano - link to that application is here:

3. Here is a link to wiki site for musical symbols:

4. Here is a link to wiki site for Italian musical terms:

5. Here is a link to Sommerdiction, which allows you to hear and practice lyric German pronunciation:

Membership Handout

Download our Membership Handout

School Cancellation information (MC will send an email regarding rehearsal cancellations in the event of snow - if schools are closed we will likely follow suit)


Member Calendar

View the Calendar Below for rehearsal times and locations, or view a printed schedule here.