Yesterday’s concert was indescribably moving and what a privilege it was to be there to hear it. We sat at the end of the front row near the Main Street side and had the good fortune of being able to see Matthew’s face as he conducted all of you and the musicians. The energy between Mathew and the chorus and between Matthew and his musicians was magical. My heart and chest continued to swell throughout the concert as that energy trickled my way. Your voices were so beautiful, and I was moved to tears near the end by the overwhelming emotions I felt...
— Audience Member
Hi Matt, Just wanted to let you know how much the concert last weekend meant both to me and my family. My two sons both experienced a feeling of peace and light at the end of the requiem and then a jolt as they came back to reality. (Two separate nights, non-musicians, engineers not usually given to metaphysical experiences!) I think this speaks to both the power of the music and to your leadership in bringing the chorus to this superb expression of the work. I’m so glad we will get to perform it again in 2019.

And one other thing - thank you for not being content to let us be just a “community chorus!
— Chorus Member
We just arrived home from the concert. It was a sheer joy. We loved every second of it. On a a chilly. rainy Spring evening it warmed our hearts and souls.
— Audience Member